Melanie Calabrigo, Gathering Priest

I am an Anglican priest, chaplain, and spiritual director. I am a graduate of the Vancouver School of Theology - Master of Divinity, the Pacific Jubilee Program for Spiritual Direction, and the Pacific Coast Family Therapy Training Institute. My background is in education, family systems, pastoral care, expressive arts, and spiritual practice and accompaniment. 

Undergirding all of life for me is a deep, abiding, and tenacious belief in the love of God for all people.

As a priest, this is the good news I am called to share. I see the unconditional and invitational love of God manifested through: a loving Creator; the person of Jesus Christ; and the ongoing experience of the Holy Spirit. 

I have a passion for art, beauty, and play, and a belief that we encounter God in the sweet and challenging messiness of daily life. I endorse practices that demonstrate our belief in and relationship with a loving and nurturing God as embodied in a supportive community that fully invites the participation of all.

Sandra Vander Schaaf, Artist in Residence

I am a writer, a photographer, a dancer, a dreamer.  I like slow food, fresh air, handmade mugs, hand knit socks, cryptic crosswords, and Saturday mornings with no place to go.  I believe tea is best steeped in a teapot and life is best lived generously.  I am never bored.

My working life revolves around two artistic practices: writing and photography.  Both practices require me to be open to the world—alert, responsive, humble, intuitive.  Paying attention to the beauty and tragedy of life, in all its intimate details, makes me a better storyteller, whether I’m speaking with words or images.

I am delighted to be artist in residence at St. Hildegard’s Sanctuary.  May our contemplations and imaginations be infused with a grace beyond our understanding.  May we give and receive in gentleness of spirit.  May what we share in this sacred space linger with us through the days and infuse our stories with truth and beauty. 

Sandra's website can be viewed here:

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 St. Hildegard's Sanctuary is an inclusive, arts-based, contemplative Christian community.  All are welcome! 

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