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Melanie Calabrigo, Gathering Priest

I am an Anglican priest, chaplain, and spiritual director. I am a graduate of the Vancouver School of Theology - Master of Divinity, the Pacific Jubilee Program for Spiritual Direction, and the Pacific Coast Family Therapy Training Institute. My background is in education, family systems, pastoral care, expressive arts, and spiritual practice and accompaniment. 

Undergirding all of life for me is a deep, abiding, and tenacious belief in the love of God. As a priest, this is the good news I am called to share. I see the unconditional and invitational love of God manifested through: a loving Creator; the person of Jesus Christ; and the ongoing experience of the Holy Spirit. 

I have a passion for art, beauty, and play, and a belief that we encounter God in both the sweetness and challenges of life. I endorse practices that demonstrate our belief in and relationship with a loving and nurturing God. I seek to envision, explore, and embody creativity in ministry. 

Rikki Kooy, Indigenous Mentoring Elder